Gourmet Cherry Butter Holiday Uses

Impress your guests with our gourmet Cherry Butter. It is an exquisite taste to add to your holiday snacks and meals!

Cherry Butter Holiday Uses:

  • Add a bit to crackers & brie (it’s a delicious bite!).
  • Put it in a pie crust for an OMG pie!
  • Mix in cream cheese for an elevated version.
  • Glaze meats before cooking.

During the holidays, it is a tradition of ours to make a cheese plate, including Carr’s original water crackers with brie and Cherry Butter on top. The flavors blend together to make a scrumptious taste of sweet cherry and cream that go beautifully with the cracker. Try it! We promise it will blow your mind how good it is!

One super fun thing to do is mix Cherry Butter into your pie filling. Depending on your mixture, you can either let the cherry flavor shine or have it accompany your star ingredient, like apple!

“Every Christmas we use your recommendation of Cherry Butter, Brie cheese and Carr’s crackers. We are so glad you mentioned it to us! Our friends had to get their own jar after tasting it at our last X-mas party!”

Lily – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

You can also take a whole jar of Cherry Butter and add a small block of cream cheese to it. Blend the two together fully and you’ll see…they are a match made in heaven!

Cherry Butter even makes an amazing glaze over meat (just be sure to layer lightly, so the sugar doesn’t burn). When done right, it adds a gorgeous sweetness to every bite!