Chippy Chips

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Our Freshly Made Chippy Chips Packages come in 4, 8 and 12 packs! Each bag is made fresh to order and shipped promptly for your satisfaction!

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8 reviews for Chippy Chips

  1. Hayley Peterson

    Best chip I’ve ever had! My whole family loves them!! Store-bought chips just don’t cut it in our house anymore!

    • Great Gourmet USA

      That makes us smile Hayley! We are so happy everyone enjoys them and we thank you for your kind words!

  2. Benny Thompson

    Chippy Chips complete me! As long as you guys keep making them, I’m going to be your #1 fan!!

    • Great Gourmet USA

      That means a lot to us, thanks for sharing the love!

  3. Madeline Z

    We had your chips at the Bluffton Farmers Market and after slamming 1 bag, we had to order an 8 pack! I’m going to give them to everyone I know!

    • Great Gourmet USA

      That makes us so happy to hear that you’re a fan of our Chippy Chips! Everyone is going to love you for getting them their very own bag!!

  4. Danny

    Seriously, I am so stoked that I can ship chips to me. I’ve been missing them since I moved up North.

    • Great Gourmet USA

      It’s our pleasure! Thanks for the 5 star review!

  5. Gloria S.

    Your chips are beautifully made and an absolute favorite of mine. They look and taste unlike any other chip I’ve had in my years. You truly have a special product (which I feel lucky to get to enjoy). So happy to have met you at the market. I’m back in Texas, but I’ll be shipping more to me soon! Cheers folks! – Gloria

    • Great Gourmet USA

      Thank you for the kind words. We are so happy you came to our table & we hope you pop by again next time you visit!

  6. Chase L

    My wife went on vacation with her sister and they told me how crazy good your Chippy Chips were. I was a little curious, so I ordered some from your site. All I can say is wow they weren’t kidding!

    • Great Gourmet USA

      We’re so glad you all enjoy them! Comments like yours make us smile ear to ear!

  7. Joyce Powell

    Just got home from a girls trip to Savannah. We went to the Bluffton Farmers market and bought a bag of chips. I brought the leftovers to my husband, he loved them!!! Glad I could order more.

    • Great Gourmet USA

      We’re so glad you and your husband enjoyed the Chippy Chips! He’s lucky you saved him some and we look forward to shipping you more!

  8. P-Nut

    Wonderful chips!!
    Bought a bag on the island and then bought another in Bluffton while on vacation. Will be ordering soon! Also have already gone through 2 jars of Tomatillo!!

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