Gourmet Chips & Dips Holiday Pack

The 2 Chip / 2 Dip Holiday Pack is great for holiday parties and to send to family & friends as a gift to show how much you care! You get to choose which 2 Dips to include in your order, so you can go all sweet, all spicy or pick one of each!

You can even choose to add Holiday Giftwrapping with a personalized card (see at check out).

We ship all over the U.S., so be sure to order your 2 Chip / 2 Dip Holiday Pack before the holiday rush!



Great Gourmet USA has been a vendor at the Thursday Bluffton South Carolina Farmers Market for over 10 years. We have an enormous fan base of locals and yearly visitors who come to get their supply of Chippy Chips & Dips.

It always makes us smile to see our regular customers at the Bluffton Farmers Market! Because of you all, our little family business continues to grow!

We sell out of our Chippy Chips & Dips almost every market, but you can now pre-order before the market on our website. Click here to pre-order your Chippy Chips & Dips!

Every Thursday, I wake up so excited to rush over to the Bluffton Farmers Market to get my bag of Chippy Chips & Peach Salsa! You’re my favorite table there!!

Amanda – Bluffton, South Carolina

Visit us on Tuesdays at the Hilton Head Farmers Market or click here to ship your Chippy Chips & Dip to you!

Gourmet Cherry Butter Holiday Uses

Impress your guests with our gourmet Cherry Butter. It is an exquisite taste to add to your holiday snacks and meals!

Cherry Butter Holiday Uses:

  • Add a bit to crackers & brie (it’s a delicious bite!).
  • Put it in a pie crust for an OMG pie!
  • Mix in cream cheese for an elevated version.
  • Glaze meats before cooking.

During the holidays, it is a tradition of ours to make a cheese plate, including Carr’s original water crackers with brie and Cherry Butter on top. The flavors blend together to make a scrumptious taste of sweet cherry and cream that go beautifully with the cracker. Try it! We promise it will blow your mind how good it is!

One super fun thing to do is mix Cherry Butter into your pie filling. Depending on your mixture, you can either let the cherry flavor shine or have it accompany your star ingredient, like apple!

“Every Christmas we use your recommendation of Cherry Butter, Brie cheese and Carr’s crackers. We are so glad you mentioned it to us! Our friends had to get their own jar after tasting it at our last X-mas party!”

Lily – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

You can also take a whole jar of Cherry Butter and add a small block of cream cheese to it. Blend the two together fully and you’ll see…they are a match made in heaven!

Cherry Butter even makes an amazing glaze over meat (just be sure to layer lightly, so the sugar doesn’t burn). When done right, it adds a gorgeous sweetness to every bite!


Chippy Chips Are Being Shipped All Over The U.S.

Chippy Chips South Carolina Hilton Head Bluffton Farmers Market

Holy moly everyone! We are so excited that your love for our Chippy Chips has resulted in the shipment of bags around the U.S.! Our little family business has survived the pandemic because of you and we will continue to do everything in our power to keep bringing you the best chips on the planet!

I got so excited when I learned you guys are now shipping Chippy Chips!! My cravings can now be satisfied all the way over here in Alaska!!! (doing a happy dance!!)

Felix – Anchorage, Alaska

Chippy Chips are cooked up in small batches each week, guaranteeing freshness! You can ship The Munchies 4 Pack, The Craving 6 Pack or The Party 12 Pack anywhere in the U.S.! Get your supply today!

If you are in or visiting South Carolina, you can find us at the Tuesday Hilton Head Island Farmers Market and/or at the Thursday Bluffton Farmers Market. If you are in or visiting Georgia, you can find us at the Monday Tybee Island Farmers Market.

Chippy Chips

Me and my family found you guys at the Bluffton market and we picked up some chips & salsas. After eating everything in one sitting, we realized we should have bought more! Awesome that we can ship everything to us! We are going to be sure to get a BIG supply!!

Olivia – Jersey City, New Jersey

Chippy Chips & Dips at the Hilton Head Farmers Market

Great Gourmet USA has been a vendor at the Tuesday Hilton Head South Carolina Farmers Market for over 3 years. It has been an honor to grow our business and see this market take shape.

We sell out of our Chippy Chips & Dips almost every market, but you can now pre-order on our website. Click here to pre-order your Chippy Chips & Dips!

Find Us At The Hilton Head Farmers Market South Carolina - Chippy Chips
Little Dipper 2 Pack Gourmet Salsas

“We visited the Hilton Head Farmers Market on our last trip and it’s as though the universe guided us straight to your table! We were meant to try your Chippy Chips and they’ve quickly become a staple in our kitchen!

Mark & Claire – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Visit us on Tuesdays at the Hilton Head Farmers Market or click here to ship your Chippy Chips & Dip to you!

Southern Gourmet Salsa & Dips

If you want the real thing, dive into our outrageous southern gourmet salsas & dips! They are made with historic recipes, using only the best ingredients!

See descriptions & spiciness levels below.

Red Heat Relish is our #1 selling dip! It can be used on anything from sandwiches, hotdogs, meats to crackers with cheese! It can be mixed with cream cheese to create a supped up version and it can also be eaten all on its own!| Spiciness Level: Mild

Peach Salsa is one of our most classic southern dips! It is perfectly sweet and almost no spice – it’s so nice! You get a taste of fresh peaches in every bite and it’s a fan favorite with the kids! | Spiciness Level: Mild

Best Gourmet Cherry Butter

Cherry Butter is like dessert in a jar! It is considered a southern delicacy and can be used on anything from crackers & brie to a glaze for cooking meats. | Sweetness Level: Perfectly Sweet

Best Mango Lime Salsa

Mango Lime Salsa is a perfect in-between (not too mild, not too spicy). You get mango and a hint of lime in every bite! | Spiciness Level: Medium

Best Habanero Salsa

Habanero Salsa is for the spicy/hot lovers out there! It brings the heat, without kicking you in the teeth. We have fans who buy 6 jars at a time and swear by it. You’ll see. | Spiciness Level: Hot

Best Tomatillo Salsa

Tomatillo Salsa gets the party started! It is full of tomatillos (a Mexican husk tomato), which are not hot, but instead have a full-bodied flavor. | Spiciness Level: Medium

Best Ghost Chili Salsa

Ghost Chili Salsa deserves a CAUTION sign! In 2007, Guinness World Records certified that the ghost pepper was the world’s hottest chili pepper, 170 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. Our Ghost Chili salsa is toned down for the discerning palate, but it’s still sure to knock your socks off! | Spiciness Level: SERIOUSLY HOT!